Clinica Sierra Vista patients ONLY

The Diabetes Education Program is a collaborative program that was created in response to the large number of people in our community who are living with diabetes. The Diabetes Education Program at Clinica Sierra Vista is committed to helping people control their diabetes and reducing long term complications. The key to managing Type 2 Diabetes is healthy eating, activity, self-monitoring blood sugars, medication, and stress management. The Diabetes Education Program provides group and individual counseling, education, and case management for diabetes. The Diabetes Education Program provides free Diabetes Classes on nutrition, medication, complications, diabetes management and lifestyle coaching in Spanish and English.

(contact # 457-5500)

Are they having self-management or prevention classes?

  • Self-management only hosts classes once a month based on the provider’s schedule

Are the classes open to the community?

  • Patients only

Are the classes for patients only?

  • Patients only

Do they provide one-on-one education?

  • Yes 

Is there a fee?

  • No