Kaiser Members ONLY


Learn how to help prevent or delay the onset of diabetes by eating well and exercising. These healthy lifestyle changes will help you take charge of your health to reduce your risk of diabetes and its complications.

Diabetes Basics
Explore the 5 key areas of type 2 diabetes management: healthy eating, exercise, monitoring blood sugar level, proper use of medication, and managing stress.

Diabetes Nutrition
Attend this class to get tips on planning meals, counting carbs, and reading food labels. Learn new ways to prepare your favorite foods and enjoy eating out healthfully. With smart planning and balanced choices, eating well can still taste great.

  • Classes provided by the Kaiser Health Education Department for Kaiser Permanente MEMBERS ONLY
  • Classes are FREE of charge
  • Classes are held monthly
  • Doctor referral NOT REQUIRED
  • For times and locations call 559-448-4415

For more information, please visit Kaiser Permanente’s Diabetes Classes Webpage.